First, I didn’t sleep well last night either, partly allergies and partly stress, I guess. But when I was having problems falling asleep, I would just pray about misc. things until I fell back asleep. So, during one of these random unrelated prayer sessions, I got the following picture that relates to my toes to the line picture from a couple of months ago.

(Recap: I am standing on a nice sunny beach with my toes planted on a line drawn in the sand; all I have to do is stand in this spot and God has the rest covered. No armor, just standing.)
Last night, the beach is not really all that tropical anymore, more like the Oregon beaches, rugged and beautiful but cold and rough too. I was looking around trying to figure out where I am and what I am supposed to be doing… and then I see my line in the sand. But its cold out, cloudy and windy, and it’s harder to put my feet on the line. At this point I literally had to pray “God help me put my toes back on the line” One foot at a time, I get there. Then the beach is calmer, but still Oregon-y. Still no armor, but I am thinking it may be time to think about suiting up.

I think this is a time of testing, what will you do when the landscape shifts? So, your line isn’t in Margaritaville but on Beverly Beach… it’s still YOUR line, all you have to do is get there by whatever means necessary. The enemy doesn’t like that it’s that simple. Dude, stand where God wants you to be? I don’t think so… how about a little windstorm to slow you down, or fatigue or sickness? Stand firm in faith, it is all covered by God’s amazing merciful Grace.

1 Corinthians 16:13
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.