It is the middle of January already! Where does the time go to once it has flown by?! The themes for growth, spiritual and otherwise, this year is relationships and reclaiming lost joy. Where are you at with your lost joy? Maybe it is not joy that you have lost, is it hope? Whatever you have lost…it is the year to reclaim it!

Relationship. WHAT exactly does that word mean to you? How do you define your relationships? Do you have safe boundaries? Are they respected? Where ever your relationships are at, I encourage you to delve deeper with those that you love and move further into openness and freedom with Christ. No one is meant to be alone, and yet even in the midst of our business sometimes we feel at our loneliest. Why? Is the flash of the moment worth so much more than the secret quiet moments we all long for. The moments when we can laugh with friends over silliness or pour out our hearts and cry on their shoulders when the sky is falling.

In the fall-out of new years’ resolutions, I encourage you to make one that you can actually keep…build up your relationships and look into your heart and acknowledge what you feel you have lost, and make this the year that you reclaim it. Who’s gonna stop you? We only have today, this moment right now, to begin to make the changes that will make us stronger, happier, and freer. Reach down deep, extend your hand out to the heavans and cast your joy, hopes and fears to the Lord and all of your prayers will be heard. Reclaim your hope, for everything that is promised with be borne out into actuality. This is the year of victory, for me and for you. Believe it, it is for you; grab hold with both hands and seize the moment for you are truly blessed for this glorious new year!

abundant blessings!