1Peter 1:8
and though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory,

What does it mean to you… to be glorified? How do we adequately give glory or praises to something we cannot SEE with these eyes? Today we can worship anything, there is so much for our eyes to feast upon, and yet somehow it does not satisfy. With instant gratification so readily available, why are we not content? We stumble, drunk from thing to thing and nothing quenches that thirst or fills that void.

We live in a time of massive information overload, we can research our own medical issues, look up information about anyone, our identities are being stolen. Seriously. I am not even talking about someone stealing your credit information and racking up debt in your name. Well, not how you are thinking anyway. Someone is stealing your creditability, your soul is being consumed by our consumerism. You are not a disposable commodity, your are a treasure waiting to be reclaimed.

That void that drives you from fix to fix, is your soul crying out to the Father. Nothing will fit that emptiness and take it away. There is no drug, no shopping spree, no alcohol, no relationship that will fill you up and ease that dull but constant pain. I have tried believe me, I have compromised my own integrity in relationships, anything for love, please please someone love me… to no avail. Empty love thrown out returns empty to you, there is no reward in the end.

It wasn’t until Jesus found me, that I realized what that emptiness was and that He took it away, forever. I was 25, and I finally got it… my debt was paid, my soul redeemed. Glory to glory, I exalt You, O my Lord, my heart wounds are healed!

Are there moments where life still hurts… yup. But I don’t struggle alone, and even though I have days that are sometimes totally crazy, that void is still full and I know I am able to get up the next day better than the one before. It is never too late, anyone and everyone can be/has been redeemed. Choose today, share His glory with someone, let them no they are loved, truly loved and watch what happens!

God, I praise YOU! I worship YOU! I exalt Your Holy Name!