I have recently observed that it is time to check out my baggage. In the past, I have been all good with the enemy hanging out in my baggage, making a mess, and stressing me out because dude, I gave him the passport to plague me. My problem with his annoying interference started last year when the enemy started getting out of the baggage area. Sneaky bugger he is, he wandered into territory that he wasn’t allowed to go. Like seriously, I make a decision to go to church on a particular Sunday and then my whole morning turns into a series of catastrophes, resulting in a maimed finger, several wardrobe changes and a disgruntled toddler. And once I get there I realize that I almost didn’t even make it!

Here’s the deal, I have revoked the passport, no more mucking about in my baggage thank you very much. You have pushed too hard and know me too little. When I make I decision, it’s a done deal, and if you don’t know that by now then you have seriously miscalculated your strategy. You little demon, are evicted, cast out you have overstayed your welcome. Oh and when you think about trying to skulk back in the back door, good luck with that… meet the locked door and my new security system. Oh yeah baby, have you heard of the whole armor of the Lord? That’s right, its on right now, so now what?!

While you little enemy are running around looking for someone else’s baggage to leech onto, I don’t wish you luck. I bind you in the name of the Holy Spirit, the Blood of the Lamb, you are NOT given permission to slither around. Get in your little box and stay there! Bye-bye now, bye-bye!

The Armor of God Rocks YO!