So, here’s the follow up. I stewed/processed the whole loving this chick for the last couple of days and I have found that it wasn’t a fleeting thing. I still have the warm fuzzy glowing God love following me around. In the interest of being authentic, honest and not putting off the uncomfortable. I decided to test it out and rip the whole band-aid off to see if the vulnerability would kill my rep, ‘cuz I gotta keep it real, but only if it looks good? Whatever.

I ripped it off, I called her… and after checking to make sure that she remembered that I am unlikely to say something just make someone’s ego bloat and am sometimes painfully frank, and then the band-aid was off! I told her, dude I have to tell you I love you, (just for record this a platonic, God sista love… don’t get the wrong idea here) and it’s definately a God thing and it’s freaking me out a LOT, but that’s it. After her first ooooookay, she got it. I don’t know what that means for our relationship in the future or exactly what the BIG MAN is up to. I do know HE is rearranging my furnature big time, beyond a spring cleaning, and I am excited to see what I look like in the new God place.

Lesson of the week: Keep it real, honest and vulnerable, it really won’t kill you. It will liberate you! Blessings… it wasn’t me.